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toddlermonitor™ is super easy to setup!

    1. Charge your toddlermonitor™ using the USB charge cord provided. Once the light on the back of the device changes from red to green, you’re ready to go

    2. Download the toddlermonitor™ app from the App Store or Google Play:

    App Store
    Google Play

    3. Pair your toddlermonitor™ to your phone with the toddlermonitor™ app. If you need some help, use the tutorial in the toddlermonitor™ app or take a look at the user guide on our website:

    User Guide

    4. Adjust your “Settings” for:
    • Volume: set the volume for your alerts
    • Tone: choose the alarm style that you prefer for your alerts
    • Sensitivity: we suggest that you start on “High” and reduce it as require

    5. Set your toddlermonitor™ for the first time:
    • Hang your toddlermonitor™ on a door
    • On the main screen within the app, select which device you would like to set
    • Click the orange “Off Duty” icon so that toggles to “On Duty” and turns green

        Got questions?
        Check out the following resources: